WHAT YOU MUST KNOW WHEN PURSUING A SIDE HUSTLE IN SCHOOL.We are in a country where entrepreneurship is fast becoming the key to survival of the youths, given the unspeakable hardship and unbearably high unemployment rate in Nigeria. The idea of owning your brand has become a timely savior in our country.

Without entrepreneurship one cannot begin to imagine how much untold hardship could have been wrecked on the youths; which of course could have led them into committing heinous crimes, just to make ends meet.

Today, we have so many students pursuing one side hustle or the other and gradually girding their loins for the labour market. Such students combine their side hustles and studies together and most times, it’s so tedious and tasking doing both.

Many students are eagerly waiting for the day they would bid goodbye to school. But the big question is

  • After school what next?

While some students already have everything sorted out for them, others do not. That is the need for the latter to start up a side hustle while in school in preparation for the labour market. Whatever you are good at, or can lay your hands on or derive joy doing, start it as a side hustle and develop yourself through it.


No time is too late to start up something. Most people who graduate from school without any available work awaiting them, end up wishing they started up something while in school.  Nothing is too small. What matters is that you give it your best and combine it with your studies.

The beauty of a side hustle is that it somewhat makes you financially stable. The underlying beauty of it is that it exposes as well as prepares you for the harshness of the labour market. So while having fun doing what you are good at, you are also earning and learning from it.

However, in the pursuit of a side hustle in school, there are certain points you need to understand and always keep in mind at all times.  These points will guide and help you achieve your set goals and also widen your entrepreneurial horizon. With the following in mind you will become an authority in whatever you do in school, thus:

1. It Is Important You Strike a Balance: you have to balance your studies and side hustle. One should not cause the failure of the other. It simply boils down to proper time management. You have to know when to drop the books and go about your side hustle and vice versa.

You can’t afford to get your hustle booming and have your grades suffering and dwindling, because by doing so, you are losing the essence of starting a hustle in the first place.  Therefore, be nice and fair enough to your studies and side hustle, give proper time to both of them and know when to sacrifice one for the other regardless of what the situation looks like.

2.Client-Satisfaction Should Be Your Ultimate Goal: Client satisfaction is key to your growth. You have to bear in mind that referrals and recommendations only come when a client is satisfied. A dissatisfied client will never bring you more clients. But when your services are not only satisfying but engaging, they trust you and eventually refer people to you.

Your clients matter a whole lot. So you have to make every possible effort to satisfy them and keep them coming back with more customers. This guarantees your growth and rise to success. Don’t forget!

  1. Regular Appraisal and Analysis: It is of utmost necessity and importance that you run a critical examination of your hustle from time to time to know certain existing lapses and ways of improving them. When doing this, you have to be as neutral and truthful as possible. If you can’t be neutral, try to get another person to help you appraise your hustle. What is most important is that you get the best results from analyzing your side hustle.

4. Constant Improvements: You have to improve your side hustle to align with the current trends in your industry so as to satisfy your clients more. You can do this by keeping tabs with every part of your hustle. For instance, if you are a caterer and you notice that most of your customers prefer eating pineapple flavored rice, you are to try as much as possible to prepare their favorite rice better, in order to keep them coming back. With constant improvement, your business is always on the rise.

5. Avoid Bad Energy: Bad energy is a threat to the success of your hustle. Some people won’t believe you, some will pretend to believe you, some may go behind your back to gossip, just leave them and do your thing. If possible, stay away from them as much as you can. Your success does not depend on what they believe. Keep doing your thing, and some day your success will fascinate and humble them.


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