10 Ways to Adapt and Survive Stress on Nigerian Campus

Gaining admission into a University is very mind blowing, I mean the thought of fulfilling your dreams, pursuing your goals and also the chance to get your objectives complete. Have you thought on how to survive on campus especially the first few years?
Of course university years are among the most memorable years of our lives but could also get annoying especially the part where you are always broke (without cash), knackered, continuously a hung over student or even more.
Survive stress on Nigerian campus
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Almost everything in life comes with a price and life in campus is not exempted. Today, I’ve compiled a list of helpful skills to survive on Campus here in Nigeria or abroad. if you think we still need to add more lists, why not leave a comment.

Ten Skills to Survive and Overcome School Stress

1. Make Budgeting a Habit

Truth has to be told, money is not always enough no matter how much you receive as allowance. Which makes his skill very important. Being broke all the time could very stressful and is avoidable. Budgeting makes you plan ahead of your expenses. Don’t only plan, follow your plans.
For example; You may choose to plan on how to spend a given amount of more throughout the week. Probably write them down and ensure you follow the budget accordingly. Food is not only what demand expenses, clothing, body care, textbooks and more should be taken int consideration.

2. Know the Right Time to Sleep

There are lots of activities in the University, especially the fun part. Knowing the right time to call it a Night will be of amazing importance to you. This is one difficult skill to acquire in the University especially when you are on something really interesting.
Peer pressure will always kick against you going to bed at the early. No friend would want his bestie to quit the fun suddenly and say something boring like, “I want to sleep”. Learn to maintain your stand and go straight to bed. Sleeping late and waking early makes you dizzy, you don’t want to be dizzy in class.

3. Attend Tutorial Classes

Getting familiar with the basis is a very useful skill as a beginner and also a pro and in campus, you’ll need to know the basis on how the school runs. The tutorial class is one important place to get all the useful tips you need to survive in the University.
Most tutorial sessions are free, but if you need to pay it with the cost. Experience they say is the best teacher, you’ll need to get familiar with the system to beat the system.

4. Learn how to Read and Understand Fast

Unlike the Secondary Education system, the university community demands a faster reading. You need to arm your self with the previous knowledge before attending the next class who knows the lecturer nay decide a test.
It is also very helpful for revision since there are lots of BIG textbooks to read, the faster you read the more you cover. Speed reading though doesn’t work for everyone, I suggest you make it a habit to read all the time.

5. Make Friend With Like Minds

Friendship isn’t a must but if you need a friend make one with similar mind. You need a friend who breached the gap or errors you make, you share similar thoughts, read together, etc.
The term “reading partner” should be what your friend is more like. There are times to party, play and gist but shouldn’t affect the main purpose of coming to school.

6. Ask for Help when You Need One

As a newbie in the community, you’ll experience some challenges learning new things and lifestyles. perhaps, you don’t get things straight in class, ask questions at tutorials. The worse part is this, “keeping your problems to you yourself would only make matters worse”
For example, course registration is one great challenge fresh students face in the University. The course code makes the matters worse, don’t need to panic make inquiries.

7. Manage Your time

Ask anybody the question, how many hours make a day? They’ll give the answer without a blink. What is we twist the question this way, how many hours is profitable daily? They tend to think twice. Make use of anytime you got to do something profitable.
All work and no play makes Bola a stupid girl, right? plan how you use your time to prevent work from clashing with leisure and vice versa.

8. Get to Know Your Limits

Many students, especially newbies, do things because their friends do, that’s a wise thing to do. But the question remains, what is the effect on me? For instance, students feel un-serious each time they see their friends heading for night classes.
Common, the Night class lasts for 5 hrs, why not create enough time during the day and sleep well at night. Students fail to realize their limits and regret the after effect on them.

9. DO NOT Postphone

Deal with whatever’s on your schedule and move on, once you fail to, the schedule becomes tighter. The time you set to read, get up from bed and read the bed remains there afterwards for you.
Do your chores immediately else it will pile up ans of course affect your plans for the day. Your chore is your responsibility, do it straight away and go to the next plan for the day. Post-phoning will only solve your desire in few minutes and becomes a pain later.

10. Be in Good Term with Your Housemates

Understand the kind of person your roomie is, if you find
an intolerable behavior(s) talk it out with them in a polite manner. Try to make them understand and give them time to adjust as you are.
If you think we’ve missed any important point out the list, give us a shout in the comments below!



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