Ways You can Make Money on Campus

Have you experienced being broke on campus? Money is a necessity on campus and staying a day without it is really frustrating. On campus there are many needs which arise on a daily basis from personal to academic needs. Money sent from home most cases do not meet the needs.
Ways to Make Money
I noticed there are many ways students can earn a lot of money even without spending a dime. Students ignorantly overlook these ways of earning alot and prefer depending on home. Parents/Guardians are really doing their best to see you through the University community, its time you do yours.
The below are 5 ways students can earn money on Nigerian campus


Almost every weekend on campus, there is one celebration or the other. Students in love with photography can seize these opportunity to make money. Lots of registrations in the university require a passport photograph. Better still sell beautiful pictures and images of places and events.

Graphic Design

Do you know how to design and make beautiful filers, logos, posters and the like? Many applications such as Coreldraw, Photoshop or any graphic design app could be of great assistance. Do a good job, people will find you, “Your talent will fish you out”.
Events and occasions that need good designs can arise such as year book, shirt designs and more.

Online Registrations

Every first semester, students register courses, pay school and accommodation fees and also do other registrations online. Students with a stable data connection can assist students (especially freshers) and get paid in return. Other registrations such as scholarships application, admission regularization requires online registration.


Students do alot of photocopying and printing, this work requires no expertise or the like. There are lot of cheap printers that doesn’t require technical handling. The best part is that you can start the job from the comfort of your hostel room (as long as it is permitted) to avoid paying for space.
Students do alot of home works, project work, group assignments etc. You can seize this opportunity to earn big.

Organizing Tutorial Classes

Discover the course you are good at and earn big from it. Organize a tutorial class where to tutor your junior colleagues (freshers especially) in your department or faculty. The classes could be held on weekends and charge them base on attendance.
Do you stay near a secondary school? You can hold a tutorial/preparatory class for WAEC and JAMB candidates.


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