Tips to Survive Challenges on Nigerian Campus

Living on campus has its own ups and downs, has students face challenges differently. Sometimes students must face these challenges but most times they bring it upon themselves. I’d like to discuss with you the steps to overcome challenges on campus.
overcome challenges on campus
But getting admission into the tertiary institution is just a tip of the iceberg. Most students end up drifting away from their educational dreams due to challenges they were unable to handle. Challenges such as peer pressure, drugs addiction, cultism, alcohol abuse and the like.
This article will provide you with tips, to survive challenges on campus especially in Nigeria.

Make the Right Choice of Friends

It might sound like a cliché to you; but it’s probably ageless because it’s true. No, you will not get special grades for making friends with the most popular people on campus. So don’t be so desperate that you can do anything for friendships. Take out time to pick friends that can spur you on morally and academically.

Be Satisfied with Your Belongings

You may want to ask, what contentment has to do with this? The trend on campus now is money and women. Student’s worth is now measured based on their material possession. Should you get bothered? You have only few years on campus, hold yourself and shun any contrary thoughts.

Choose the Right Partner

Like I said earlier, the trend on campus is money and women. Don’t just choose your partner because of his/her physical endowment. Else could make your life a mess. It is possible to remain on campus without a lover (as they are mostly addressed), I think it is the best option.


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