Putting up with annoying people in school

Angry friends arguing in a coffee shop. Credit: elobservadorenlinea.com
Angry friends arguing in a coffee shop. Credit: elobservadorenlinea.com

School brings us together with a whole lot of people – with some people leaving good impressions and others literally making school a living hell for us. As in most cases, we meet people on campus without knowing what they can offer us and this usually makes us tread with caution around them.

Nonetheless, we still come across people who annoy the hell out of us – in class, on the field, at the gym, at the salon, at viewing centres and so many other places of interest; they could even be our friends. There is always one or more persons who usually have a way of getting us vexed and irritated to the bones. Such annoying people are everywhere – you have them, I have them too.

Most times we regard people as annoying when they knowingly behave contrary to what is expected of them, when they argue illogically or when they fail to be reasonable and sensible; and in many other circumstances. The worst part of it is that they may not know that they are annoying and if we don’t do something they may continue to alter our mood.

Annoying people can frustrate the life out of us to the point that we get annoyed by merely seeing them. The fact is that you can get annoyed for long or even throughout your stay in school without getting to solve this problem or at least avoid it.

Thus, I have written this piece to help you in putting up with those annoying friends of yours and others you will likely meet at various places. Note that the guidelines in this piece have been applied to real life circumstances and they proved effective.  However, it may vary from person to person and may not apply to everyone. regardless, I’ll proceed to explain them:

+ Identify what makes them annoying- 

Being annoyed every time is bad for your health
Being annoyed every time is bad for your health

 Annoying people also have brains and they think too just like every other person. But they think differently than you do and this is the reason they annoy the life out of you, right? They don’t see things the way you believe they should be seen, they don’t act the way you believe every reasonable person should act, all because they think differently than you. This is the fact.

So to avoid getting annoyed again and again by them, you need to know why they don’t reason or see things the normal way you do. Identify those points on which you disagree with them. When you have known why they reason differently than you, try to put yourself in their position and try to reason things the way they reason and see things the way they see them as well. When you have done this, you will find out that they will begin to annoy you less.

+ Avoid circumstances where they annoy you- When you have done the above, you also have to identify the most recurring circumstances in which they have consistently annoyed you. It could be in an argument. If it’s due to a series of arguments or brawls where you both took different sides, then you have to avoid arguing or brawling with them. This has worked so much wonders for me in avoiding annoying people. You have to understand that you can’t change their opinion on any point or issue by arguing with them, even if you appear to have won them. It could be any other events. Just try as much as possible to avoid such events where they make you utterly annoyed.

+ Focus on their good side- This is one way to stop letting annoying people spoil your mood. Everyone has their good sides and also their bad ones and annoying people are no exceptions to this. Make conscious efforts to outline such good sides they have and focus your mind on those good sides. This will greatly take your mind off the fact that they are really annoying the hell out of you.

+ Learn to use other people- When a person is unrepentantly annoying and you have tried out the above guidelines and they didn’t work, then you have to learn to use other people instead of using them. Use other people to achieve the same goals an annoying person would have achieved for you. By doing this, you not only avoid them, but you also put them in their place. Note that this should be done when every other guideline in this piece has failed.

         I understand how mentally exhausting it is to have annoying people around you but trust me, putting up with them is even more tiring. That is exactly why I have taken conscious care in bringing you this piece to help out in handling annoying people. I do hope that this piece will help out in one way or the other.



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