Overcoming your fears as a student.

Credit: Verywellmind.com
Credit: Verywellmind.com

The biggest lie which any human can tell is that they have never been afraid of anything. Reverse psychology tells us that the act of saying that you are not afraid of anything is cogent proof that you are indeed afraid. Thus in the same vein, every student has fears or don’t you?

Fear has contributed a great quota in destroying countless dreams, talents and goals of millions of people in the world. As a matter of fact, fear is one sure way to fail at anything in life. Fear is completely normal but what is neither normal nor right is letting your fears stop you from soaring high. Fears are mostly unreal, false and nonexistent thoughts which come to our mind to stop us from facing reality. What you have to understand is that your capacity to stop those fears of yours will greatly determine how much you will achieve your goals in school and even after.

Conquering our fears is usually very difficult especially in light of many obstacles standing in our way in school. While fear may be easily conquered by some people, a good number of people are still battling with their fears and this is the reason you should apply the guidelines in this piece.

Indeed, in overcoming these fears, the following should be considered:
+ Accepting that it is okay to be scared: This is quite important because one cannot go to the doctor to seek for medical help if he does not accept that he is sick. We need to accept that we are scared and, that, it is okay to be scared as well. Great men and women were also scared. They just did not allow it to overcome them. So start by admitting that you are scared of the challenges in achieving the thing you desire most if that’s the case.

+ By facing the fear: The only way we can kill a mosquito or rat disturbing our pantry is by seeking it out and ending its life. Therefore, we need to seek out our fears, face them and then extinguish them. No matter what the fear is, we need to face it. Some do not even know the reason why they are afraid or what they are afraid of but are just afraid. I tell you,” Just face your fears”.

+ Talking about your fears: A problem shared is a problem half solved. True and true, research has shown that speaking to someone about something brings out that thing in a different light. By talking to someone, you have accepted that indeed you have fears and you are facing it by talking to someone about it. This means that you have exposed that fear. If it is indeed a great fear, it will no longer bother you just as much as it did when it was just your fear because it has become ”our fear”, I.e. you and those you have talked to  about it.
+ Pray about it: This is not something that is just for the religious persons. We all have something in which we believe in or who we believe in. Thus in order to overcome our fears, we need to talk to a superior being asides from talking to another mortal. Pray about it and have faith that the fear will be overcome.

+ Do it if it’s worth it: This is where it might be hard but you can still do it. Another way to overcome fear is by doing whatever it is you are afraid of. It could be your task at work, your books, facing the unknown, your hustle, your goals or any other thing. Just do it. Nobody is bothered about the manner in which you did it, what matters is that you stood up to your worthwhile fears and embraced them and proved yourself. So just do it today and do it well…

+ Let go of what is not needed: Fears usually comprise important and unimportant  things. When you leave the unimportant fears in your mind they keep clouding your mind with more fears and frights which always end up stopping you from facing your important fears. Thus, you have to completely rid yourself of any fear which is not worth it and face those that are worth it.

In summary, let us all be afraid and overcome our fears. The fear of fear is the beginning of wisdom. But the failure to conquer your fears is the beginning of failure. Thus, avail yourself of this piece in approaching your fears and see such wonderful results it will yield in your life.


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