How to Overcome Peer Pressure on Campus

The university community is totally different from the normal community environment. I mean, it is a community that comprises of the young and young at hear with different ideas and background. They came not only to seek knowledge but to transfer knowledge.
overcome peer pressure
The university community has a serious peer pressure on individuals in most cases difficult to overcome. Many teenagers and youth find this a difficult challenge to overcome.
Most peer groups on campus exert negative peer pressure on individuals, making him/or her want to fit in and fill belong. This makes most students feel low about themselves and could affect their entire lifestyle.

5 Ways to Overcome Peer Pressure on Campus

The tips below will help you overcome the negative peer pressure during your stay on campus:
Establish and know your Personal values: Don’t be someone’s else puppet or let them control you. Make your decisions based on your personal values and judgments. Stand firm on what you feel is right and don’t let anyone convince you to think twice.
Be Predictable in Some Occasion: You may ask, “what does that mean?”. Letting them know where your ground is even without asking would prevent them from asking. When making your judgement don’t try to sit on the fence or impress anyone. The only one you should work towards impressing is yourself.
Turn deaf to certain discussions: Whenever you feel uncomfortable listening to certain discussions, turn deaf. This is possible by changing the subject or taking your mind of the discussion. If the case is to do something against your values, just change the subject.
Counter them with pressure: The main tool peers use to force their will on others is low self esteem. If they can make you feel bad about you, they can make you do whatever they will. Make them feel belittled instead of you. Convince them through the right path and show them strong reasons to follow yours.
Your type of friends matters: When making the choice of friends, select those that share similar values with you. Ignore friends that you don’t feel comfortable with their way of life. You’ll definitely join them with time.


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