How to Make Cool Friends on Campus


Almost all students want a friend on campus who make them feel happy and loved. Perhaps, you are a fresher and you are thinking of making a friend on campus, try these tips.

making cool friends on campus

It is normal for new students on campus to search for new friends. Due to new changes they see and experience on a daily basis on campus.

Campus life is totally different from the life freshers experienced in secondary school, therefore you need to develop experience together.

Being social and making new friends on campus is a cool habit many people appreciate on campus. Yet many students still find it challenging to make friends with others.

If you are new on campus and desire to make new friends, you’ll need the tips discussed below;

Seek common interest

Looking for course mates who share same hobbies or any enjoyable activities with you could help you form a strong friendship with fellow students.

It is pretty easy to mingle and establish friendship with people who share same interests with you. For instance, if your interest lies in sports and music, you’ll need to look for friends who are highly interested and informed in entertainment and also actively participate in sporting discussions and activities.

playTo make new friends, you have to get out of hostel room to introduce yourself to them (Fgncentre)

Remain Who you are

In your attempt to make new friends, you don’t have to go all out to impress others with what you are not. This will rather make them desert you when they find out you are fake.

To avoid that embarrassment, just take time to know, understand and accept yourself. It will be easier to attract new cool friends to yourself when you present yourself to them the way you define yourself.

Be interesting and friendly

When you are bent on making new friends, you also need to be an interesting person the new friends would like to roll with. You’ll need to develop and improve your interests especially in art, entertainment, sport and politics. You need to read a lot and be a good conversationalists.

All these will help your communication skills and make you that students whose opinion is sought on issues.

Be a member of a club or Society on Campus

Campus clubs and Societies present good opportunities for freshers to mingle.

There are so many groups on campus and you should be able to identify with one where you can develop your interest

If you join the campus press club, for instance, you’ll certainly meet new friends from other faculties.

And since it takes a lot of teamwork to put information together, you’ll always need to have meetings with other writers and editors…and from there you guys can form a great friendship.

Join a study group

The study group is also a very good avenue to meet students to establish an academic relationship with.Apart from making friends from the group members, this group will also help you understand your course better and also help you learn faster.


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