Lay the foundations of your dreams while in school




Lay the foundations of your dreams while in school
Good foundation supports your dreams

A foundation is the basis on which a structure is erected. A foundation is the cornerstone of a structure. Whether a structure is good or bad depends largely on the foundation. Whether the structure will collapse or remain strong and serve the purposes for which it was erected is entirely dependent on its foundation. With a poor and shaky foundation the fate of a building is known and sooner or later it will manifest.

This is also true of our dreams in life. Every dream however slight or insignificant it may appear, requires the best foundation ever. We are able to achieve greatness through our dreams when we have laid a proper foundation. Laying a solid foundation for our dreams is of utmost importance as it  paves the way for us to pursue such dreams with precision.

A good foundation offers a veritable support for our dreams to thrive. Most times when I wake up in the morning, the first question I try to ask myself is:

How are you laying the foundations of your dreams?

You sometimes have this thought, right? This is very hard-to-answer as the various circumstances surrounding us in school make it even harder for us to co-ordinate our thoughts together. In school the stress of combining our studies with our dreams and advancing is really intimidating and overwhelming. Believe me, I face that stress everyday.

However, we must understand that the society is hungrily waiting for what you can offer her. The society cares only about that which you can offer and not what you go through in the course of offering such services to her. Suffice this to say that you are valued based on what you can offer. And in my experience you can only offer what you have. The next question is:

Without a solid foundation what can you offer to the society?

This is a deep question which you have to take your time to think about. But my answer to this is an awesome NO. You can’t offer any value without a solid foundation.

We are sent to school with the conception that certain aspects of our lives would become better at the end of our stay in school. Thus, it is for this reason that you have to start laying the foundations of a successful future for yourself, your family and your generation. Whatever you want to do after school should start when you are in school. Whether it is Politics, business, sports,  practising a profession, lecturing,  singing, tv or radio personnel, fashion designing, web designing and so many other things in this world; you have to start now.

Don’t wait till you are done with school before you start. When you start in school, you will have mastered your dreams to an extent before leaving school. So before you are done with school, you will have garnered a considerable amount of knowledge to propel you further to pursue your dreams.

Those are the relative advantages you have over others. It is not really easy to lay a solid foundation for your dreams while you are still in school. It requires so much reflection and effort to do this.

In laying a proper foundation for your dreams, you should be guided by the following:

+ Identify your passion and follow it- You have to understand that every person has something unique that they are gifted with. You have to really do anything possible to understand what’s yours. You have to know what gives you so much joy. You have to identify that one thing you can do with so much ease without giving up. When you have observed and understood this, only then can you channel your efforts thereto.

+ Develop yourself properly- You must have noticed that various people on campus are pursuing one thing or the other. I must advise that you don’t get discouraged if you have not started your own hustle. Direction is different from speed. A whole lot of people are really fast in going nowhere. Take the time to sufficiently develop yourself. Acquire every available knowledge, learn every possible lesson and think of how to come up with a better brand than the rest.

+ Identify your strength and weaknesses- We all have our peculiar strength as well as weaknesses. Both are equally important to your growth and development process. When you know your weaknesses you work even harder to improve on it and turn them to your strength. When you know your strength you have the capacity to make adequate efforts to take your dreams to a whole new level and become who you want to be. Do not let your weaknesses drag you back. This is a common mistake that people have made in the past- giving their weaknesses pre-eminence over their strength. Always let your strength prevail over your weaknesses but be very conscious of such weaknesses.

In this piece we have successfully explained the importance of having a solid and unshakable foundation for your dreams. You are now faced with the task of erecting a proper foundation using the guidelines enunciated in this piece to build your dreams to completion while in school and watch your dreams become reality.


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