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A man doing what works for him (credit:
A man doing what works for him (Credit:

School is without doubt a place where we meet the good, the bad and the ugly in life. School is an avenue for us to meet people who would either make us or mar us. School offers an avenue to meet different people with different backgrounds, different upbringing and different opportunities. In all these, an obligation is placed on every student to keep his head up and keep it real. Keeping it real entails being the best you can be at every given time in school.

In school also, it is quite easy to follow the tide and completely miss our track in life. This is as a result of the fact that there are too many distractions flooding our way. Today, majority of people aren’t living their lives in school as a result of the kind of friends they keep. Some are constantly feeling and bowing to the pressure of being ’up to standard’. They rarely get to evaluate their lives and know what works for them, unless perhaps something grave happens which might cause them to do so.

This accounts for why fakeness has pervaded our university sphere in Nigeria. Everyone is constantly trying to do what other people are doing or would love to see them do, without considering what they would really love to do. And the funny but sad part of it is that most people who try to fake one thing or the other are consistently giving themselves one reason or the other to continue doing so.

We should understand that we are a product of our thoughts. Our actions are mostly a manifestation of our thoughts. If you continue to do something without considering whether or not it could work for you, or whether or not you find any sense of fulfilment in it, then you would continue to miss your way in life. This is just the fact. You can’t do a thing in a particular way and expect the result to turn out a different way. Life is purely on what you deposit you shall receive basis and nothing more.

Doing what works for you is a way of stamping your authority regardless of what others feel or think about you. The moment you understand what works for you, that’s the moment you start evaluating your actions and life generally. No one ever made it without understanding and actually doing what works for them. It is a basic rule of life.

If you really have sleepless nights trying to think of how you can make success at anything, then you have to find what works for you and focus tirelessly on it. Trying to do what works for another person is like building on a faulty foundation; sooner or later the building will definitely come crashing.

This piece is a reflection of my personal experience which I’m primarily writing to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made earlier in life. I understand that it may not be easy trying to do what works for you especially when other people’s paths seem more lucrative or gainful. However, it will pay you better to be yourself than it ever will to be another person. The following tips could help you in understanding and doing what works for you:

Understand you are differentThis is the start up phase which you must really do. You begin to realise your path in life the moment you understand you are different from everyone else.  Many people will try to sway you, many will try to make you feel dumb for believing you are different, but the fact is that you are on the path to greatness. You don’t have to believe what they believe or follow the same path as them or venture into the same thing as them, you only have to take your time to give yourself cogent reasons why you are different from everyone else.

Set your path and follow itOnce you have understood you are unique and different, you have to proceed to prudently think of your own path and follow it. This could be the hardest part because it could be surrounded by uncertainties. But you have to understand that it pays more to pursue your path even though it is uncertain. You have to keep believing in your hustle while you pursue it. Your path is meant for you and you alone so you have to set it right and chase it with all the strength and vigour you can muster.

Keep moulding and developing yourselfThe one thing you should equally understand at this phase of your life is that understanding what works for you and following it isn’t enough to get you where you wish to be in life. As a matter of necessity, you must never fail to seek new ways of developing yourself. It is an indispensable requirement you must fulfill on your way to success. In the process of doing what works for you, try as much as possible to remake and remould yourself to suit the dynamic rudiments of your hustle. You simply can’t remain stagnant. Therefore, you must develop yourself in order to keep soaring high.

Never let other people’s negativity get to you- It’s never easy for you to keep your head up and chase your goals even when a lot of people have tried to talk you out of it and failed. Do you think they will stop trying to criticise and talk you out of it? NO, they won’t, simply because they don’t understand what you are into and how passionate you are about achieving your goals. Negative vibes will always be thrown at you but you shouldn’t let any of them to get to you. It may not be easy because the power of words is really deep, but you have to dismiss all negative vibes coming your way in order to keep moving.


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