The beauty of having a good fashion sense

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Fashion is art. Fashion is beauty, fashion is life. Fashion is the beautiful art of speaking through the way we appear. When we speak of fashion we mean good dressing in its entirety. There is this wide misconception that fashion requires so much money. This is not true. Fashion flows from within you. Having a good dress sense is a thing of the mind which requires that you think out the dressing first in your mind before coupling them on your body. Thinking out your style is the part that most people might find hard.

On campus, you might have noticed that some people dress very fine back-to-back while others don’t. The reason is not hard to find. It’s simply because they consistently create their style. Attention to details makes the difference. For instance:

You are not supposed to wear a black belt on a brown pair of shoes. You have to pay attention to such tiny details to be atop your fashion game.

Creativity is simply the soul of fashion without which it is almost impossible to dress well back-to-back. Good fashion sense does not denote wearing nice outfits alone. Of course I have seen a lot of people wearing nice outfits which looked really bad on them. Good fashion sense simply and essentially means how you wear your outfit in perfect alignment with your body, how you fine-make your outfit to suit your style and what you pair with your outfit to have the best look ever. Hence the reason I earlier noted that good fashion sense is a product of our mind.

Good dressing makes the right impression on the people who come across you even before they get to know you. It gives the impression that you have the class which is needed to assume certain responsibilities. An example of this is a job interview:

At every interview for a job, the interviewer awards bonus marks to such persons who are more elegantly dressed than the others. This is the real fact.

Good dressing boosts your confidence at every point in time and improves your self image as a student. On campus, dressing really well places you on a different pedestal from the crowd.


  + your self grooming is part of fashion-  

your grooming is very important
your grooming is very important

Fashion does not end in the outfit we wear alone. Everything that makes us look good is all part of fashion. Your hair has to be on point. You can’t keep a rough hair and still look good. You have to arrange and treat your hair with utmost care bearing in mind that it is part of your appearance. Your nails equally need to be perfectly neat. You really have to keep a clean set of nails – both your fingers and toes. Dirty nails are really disgusting and no one wants see them. Take your time to include this in your fashion routine. Clean your nails as promptly as you can whenever they are dirty. Smelling nice also complements your dressing. You have to include this because you don’t wanna go about smelling awful. Get yourself a nice spray, cologne and cream to complement your dressing and I bet you’ll definitely exude class.

+ Keep it simple and classy-

C. Charles Shoes, Eri Ife
Eri Ife, C. Charles Wears

    you have to understand the power of good dressing in complete simplicity. You don’t have to combine so many colors to look good. A simple outfit gives allthe  class in the world.

+ Good outfits don’t have to be trendy- 


 I must not fail to tell you that fashion does not mean wearing the latest outfits and having the latest hair and other accessories. Fashion doesn’t end with what is trendy. You have certain accessories which are really nice and classy but don’t really appear to be trending now, right? Those accessories of yours are awesome and you shouldn’t stop wearing them because they don’t seem to be part of the trend. Carve your own style and let others appreciate it. Also, you have to understand that the fact that you don’t wear branded or luxury accessories doesn’t mean you are not doing great at fashion. Fashion entails wearing your clothes in such a unique manner that gives you the perfect fitting. Once you have the perfect fitting and your outfit is really beautiful then you are just good to go.

+ You can check out others who have rocked it well- With the internet at our fingertips we now have so much opportunity to grasp other people’s art. We can learn more from others on the internet on what we intend to wear and use them as a guide to remake ours to suit our style. Fashion is all about style. If you are able to carve a style for yourself, fashion becomes your thing.


              In this article, we have taken great care in bringing you the beauty of having a good fashion sense.  A good fashion sense speaks for you beyond you what can ever imagine. It always adds more value to your bag and makes you simply classy. In your quest for fashion, however, try as much as possible to keep it classy and simple. A complex style is usually not easily understood.


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