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First and foremost, I’ll start by congratulating you on your admission into a higher institution of learning! This feat ushers a new part of your life set for greatness. That said, I have to be truthful to you about higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, because you are apparently new to the game.

While higher institutions of learning are primarily meant to educate and properly expose you to your chosen field, it requires factual knowledge of how to go about your activities on campus.

During your study you are definitely going to meet so many people from different backgrounds, with varying behavioural patterns, and with different goals which may or may not align with yours.  Do you know the reason for this?

  • It is so in order for you to harness the different people in school with different goals so as to achieve your own goals.

What I’m saying in effect is that higher institution has the capacity of bringing your dreams to reality or destroying them. Everything depends on the path you tread.

However, I want the best for you as a fresh student and that is exactly why I have taken the time to write you this article on the 7 things every fresh student must know in order to succeed. I would advise you use it as a guide to make out what works for you in school.

All the things in this article are borne out of my personal experience and out of the need to share them with you. They are as follow:

  1. Friends are a factor for your success

I’m only talking about good and reliable friends here. You need to become friends with people of like minds, people who will keep it real with you anytime, any day.  You need people who share the same goals with you; you want to leave school with a first class, or second class upper or lower? Then start associating yourself with other people who want this same goal of yours.

This rule goes to everything you want to do in school – whether it’s business, sport, modelling and others – you have to move with people who want the same thing you want.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have other friends at all. All I’m saying is that you should have friends who directly or indirectly push you to your goals.

Also read on how to make cool friends on campus

  1. Distractions will always come, so be on the look out

The same way the school environment is made up of different people, there are so many different distractions that will flood your way. Distractions are bound to come from every angle and if you are not well prepared for them, they may stop you from getting your dreams to reality.

I have seen some people radically transform into something else unfortunately because they couldn’t stand the distractions coming their way, so they had to join them since they couldn’t beat them.

I don’t want this for you and that is exactly the reason you should be very careful and cautious in school.

  1. Eat well, rest well and exercise well

7 THINGS EVERY FRESH STUDENT MUST KNOW IN ORDER TO SUCCEED.The importance of eating, resting and exercising well can never be overemphasised. When you eat and rest well your body system is positioned to accommodate every stress that comes from registration processes and other activities on campus.

Exercising well is also another factor you should not neglect, even if it’s just once in a week.


Your body system is powered by adequate exercise as it rids your body of dangerous fatty acids. So, eat well, rest well and exercise very well.

  1. Be Unique, Be Yourself

I need say to you that higher institution is significantly the starting point of fakeness. Fresh students with little or no self-identity soon start faking their lifestyle just to conform to what is in vogue; what others do or what others would love to see them do.

As a fresh student, you may find it difficult to differentiate between real and fake people, but you have every right to be unique. You have every right to be yourself, not conforming to what won’t favour you now or in the long run. When you do your thing your way, people either like you for who you are or they like you even more.

  1. Try to Develop Yourself While in School

As a fresh student, self-development is highly required of you. Don’t say you are too small or it’s too early to start developing yourself. No self-development skill is useless. Take up something now and you will be amazed at what you will make out of it. Also read on how to combine your studies and side hustle in school.

You could start with your passion (modelling, web designing sport/athletics, make up, fashion designing, blogging, dancing, singing and others) or you could start with something trendy (selling male and female clothes and more). You never know how far this will take you.

  1. Don’t Compare

We have different privileges. What you are privileged to have might be different from what others are privileged to have. So, why should you compare yourself or your growth to that of your friends and colleagues?

Comparing yourself with others completely strips you of all originality. Pursue your goals at your own pace and I can assure that you will realise them sooner or later. So, never compare yourself, your grades, your looks, your influence or your performance with others. Do the best and make sure it’s only the best and you will get the best results possible.

  1. Have fun, but don’t get carried away

7 THINGS EVERY FRESH STUDENT MUST KNOW IN ORDER TO SUCCEED.So much work and less fun might bore your life out. As a fresh student, try to have fun in your own way. You don’t have to have fun in the conventional ways. Just have fun from the little things you love. Take a day or two to enjoy yourself and revitalise your body system.

However, while having fun, try as much as possible not to get carried away with the pleasure of what you are doing. Having fun is good but controlling the way you have fun is even better. Also read on how to make the best of your time on campus.

Good luck with your studies and do make the best of your time in school!!

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