Our society is rapidly turning to an entrepreneurship-based one as everyone is endlessly aiming to start or do one thing or the other. Students are not left out in this endless effort. As a matter of fact, most times it all starts manifesting in school. For this reason, every student wishing to pursue a hustle is usually confronted with the big question of how to combine school with other hustles. 5 TIPS ON HOW TO COMBINE YOUR STUDIES AND SIDE HUSTLE IN SCHOOL

The ability to strike a fair balance between your studies and your hustle(s) is of utmost relevance. Your studies are quite as important as your business and one should not be given unfair edge over the other regardless of what the situation may be.

There is a popular biblical saying that ‘one cannot serve two masters at the same time’ but we are here to give you proven tips on how you can effectively go about your studies and your business at the same time with the best possible outcome. Apply the tips in this piece and thank me later!

These 5 tips on how to combine your studies and side hustle in school are as follow:

  1. Define your goals early:  You have to take the time to define what is it you wish to achieve from your studies and your side hustle within a given period of time. This is very important. Having a goal serves as a guide to attaining the best results. When you have a goal, you easily understand what is meant to be done and when it is to be done.

For example:

You are a student who is also into catering and you really wish to leave school with a good result. The best way to balance your business and studies is to create a goal of how you want to operate both and what you want to make from them every day. You should draw a plan of how many hours to invest in each of them. Investing so much time on one at the expense of the other may not yield the best results.

—Read this article for tips to plan yourself well on campus.

  1. Start Prioritising: You have to understand the difference between what is of essence and what is not. Most times it’s easy to confuse unimportant things for the important ones. If you wish to pilot your studies and business very well then you have to learn to give less attention to what is not needed. Attend to the important things and forget the others. This is so because you need all the time you can get to keep thinking of how to improve on your business and studies. Obviously, unimportant things and events will never afford you the time to do that.
  2. Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination is one big problem bedevilling all of us. Truthfully speaking, it takes so much discipline to completely rid yourself of procrastination. Procrastination is a destroyer of dreams from time immemorial. You have to devise a means of doing what you are supposed to do exactly when you are supposed to do it, and not postponing it to a later time.

The sad thing about procrastination is that at the end of the day you will find out you have not done anything productive with your time. To attain the best possible result, you have to combat procrastination with all the strength you can muster.

  1. Use the Right People and the Right Means: You have to really understand the importance of working with the right people. The right people help you achieve the right results. The right people are of essence and so are the right means. Employing the best means maybe difficult and tasking, but when you do so you will not only get the right results, you will have improved on your knowledge and understanding of what you do. When you have the right people employing the right means it makes everything much easier and yields much better results.

5. Goal Evaluation: While it is important to set a goal, it is equally important to judge, access and appraise your goals in relation to the expected results. This is one thing you should never miss. In as much as you have goals, you are to make sure that you examine these goals after they have been executed so as to know how good or bad they turned out. Examining and appraising your goals offers you an opportunity to either re-set your goals or follow other goals which might yield the same result. Start evaluating your goals from today.

We have given you all the tips you need to strike a balance between your studies and side hustle in school. Please go ahead to apply these tips in your daily activities and you will be sure to attain success.

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