5 Reasons why you should understand your worth


At any place we find ourselves we always want to make the right impressions on the people we come across. This accounts for the reason why everyone in our society is trying to be the ‘good guy’.  The truth is that as much as we want to make the right impressions on people, they still treat us according to who we are. There is a popular saying that people treat you the way you treat yourself.

Know your worth today (credit: freeimages.com)
Know your worth today (credit: freeimages.com)

The different people in your life may not have the same opinion of you but they may all treat you in a particular way in which you have treated yourself. For this to happen you have to really understand the intricacies of your worth. You have to start valuing yourself first before others will value you. Have you ever wondered why some people command so much respect among their peers while others don’t? Their worth makes the difference. You simply have to understand that people only respect you when they have seen that you respect yourself.

Our actions and most times inactions speak louder and clearer than we can imagine. For instance, you may go to a place and make people temporarily see you as being able to control yourself in certain circumstances, but when such circumstances pop up and you fail to control yourself, that will likely make them see you in a different light. People see who we are and not who will preach we are.

Where my points are headed is that you have to start building on your worth if you don’t already have one, but if you have one, try to improve on it from time to time. It is by having a proper understanding of your worth that you create your boundaries in everything you do with people. If you see a person who does not know their boundaries, I can emphatically tell you that they don’t understand their worth or they don’t even have any worth in the first place. Go and check! A proper understanding of my worth has saved me so many insults, losses, embarrassments, and regrets.

People may see you as proud, self-conceited or egotistic but that’s their hidden way of admiring your worth especially when they can’t approach things the way you do.

Against this backdrop, I have to buttress the foregoing by giving you reasons why you should build and properly understand your worth in the following points:

+ Your worth makes you accept who you are- In trying to build your worth you will find out that certain things work for you while others may not work for you. You will then begin to work and improve on them, which makes them become a part of you. There’s fakeness everywhere because people fail to accept what works for them and keep doing what works for other people.

+ It helps you set limits- I believe there should be a limit in everything we do with people. Even when we love someone or something, there should be a limit to what we can do or take from them. This why you need to understand your worth. Without knowing and understanding your worth it will be impossible to set limits.

The fact is that most people may not see the need to set boundaries until everything gets out of hand. It is your worth that helps you know what you can or cannot take from anyone. In most cases, people who know their worth even set certain limits for themselves which they must not exceed. I’m one of such people.

+ It attracts people of like minds- As I noted above, people see you for who you are and not what you say about yourself. when your actions and inactions speak of your worth to people, it registers in their head sub-consciously. When they know you have a self-worth you hold dear it attracts similar kind of people to you while sending dissimilar people away from you. It is either they come to you for who you are or they avoid you for who you are in either case you will have no room for fake people around you.

+ You get to appreciate and love yourself more- This is one part I love about self-worth. That moment you realize that you are one of the very few people who know who they really are, you begin to appreciate, love and admire yourself more. Knowing your worth goes a long way to boost your image of yourself in every circumstance. When you realize that in any condition you have certain limits you cannot overstep, you start feeling better about yourself.

+ Offers opportunity for constant self-examination- Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is not worth living”

This statement speaks so much volume. Life actually isn’t worth living if you can’t calm down to properly examine your actions or thoughts. And you cannot examine yourself if you do not really know who you are as a person. Knowing your worth prompts you to always examine your actions to know if they are in line with your standards or not. The good thing is that you get to right your wrongs by self-examining yourself always.


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