5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Graduate with First Class in Nigeria

Students in tertiary institutions such as Universities and Polytechnics most times want to graduate with a 1st class.
5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Graduate with First Class
But in many cases end up graduating with a 2nd class upper or lower. To achieve first class in the university demands efforts. Hard work is important but not the only requirement, lack of planning and determination could affect your academic pursuit.
Although, some factors play the role of hindering a student the dream of graduating with a first class. There are lots of distractions in the Campus but today, I’ll point out the five mistakes student make as they try to graduate with first class in the University.

Mistakes Students make which affect their Academic Performance

Paying little attention to lower-unit courses

Many Students spend more time on the courses with lower units, which affect how serious they take them. 3-units courses and above are considered higher units, while 2-units and below lower courses.
To graduate with a first class, students need to pass all attempted courses with an average of 70% starting from the first to the final year in school. Therefore failing a two unit course could hinder you from achieving your first class goal.

Taking Project Works with Levity

Projects are research works or mission to be submitted for supervision and grading. Many students fail or even repeat their projects, depending on the project, it could worth 12 to 15 units.
Especially the Final year projects poor introduction and literature reviews, unable to defend your projects and/or other flaws could cost you.

Investing little time in Study

Many students end up not achieving their dreams of coming out of the university with a first class because they invest much time in leisure rather than study. They rush their reading schedule once examination is around the corner. Though it works for some students but still has affected a large number negatively.
Study shouldn’t be for examination purpose alone, make it one of your needs as a student. Study to know and not only to pass.

Not attending lectures

Many students drifted away from their first class plans just because they failed to go to class. Attending lectures in Nigeria also has its own grade. For example; University of Ibadan mandates that students achieve at-least 70% of their attendance to write exams.
Also many lecturers need you to return answers their questions exactly the same way they thought. Many lecturers give un-announced tests, what will happen if test got written the day you were absent.

Teaching a Friend in Examination Hall

Almost every Nigerian student teaches a friend in examination hall, infact the culture has been since the primary school days. They see it as an act of goodwill or kindness, but could also be your doom. What if you get caught assisting your friend in the exam hall?
Lecturers most times mark duplicate or similar answer sheets low. Teaching your friends in exam is sharing your thoughts and ideas with your friend. For instance; here in University of Ibadan, students have complained bitterly after helping a friend in exam hall. The helper struggles to get one point while the friend made 5 points.

Words of advice…

Becoming a graduate with first class degree is possible but some mistakes need to be avoided. You need to study very hard, never miss lectures except for something urgent, teach friends before entering the exam hall and take all course units seriously.


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