The university is a place where you get to meet different people with different characters and personalities. In the course of your stay in the university, you may well come across all of the people I’ll be listing in this piece or you may not. It all depends on the kind of person you are and the kind of places you go to.

In this regard, we are relating with your experience on campus as we bring you the 10 kinds of people you will meet or might have probably met on campus as they are in every school. These kinds of personalities in school are:

  1. The very serious ones: Being serious is the one thing that most students had in mind before going to school or at least for sometime after entering school, but after a while and for certain reasons the vibe to be serious vanishes completely.

However, this is not the case for the ever-serious set of students. They can read fire without feeling it. At any point in school they are either reading their books or reading on their phones. These set of people usually have no time to network with anything other than their books.


  1. The business-driven ones: These are the dangote’s and Otedola’s you will find in every university. They hardly have time for school and mostly show up during tests/quiz and exams. As a matter of fact, they pay people to help them with the critical tasks in school. They basically sort everything with their money and have very little or no time for their studies. Chai! Having money is good o. Lol.


  1. The Spiri-kokos:  These are the very spiritual ones. They are always praying at one place or the other. They barely have time to do other stuffs. And when any little thing happens to them or around them they do well to attach deep spiritual meanings to it. At their leisure, they are either in one prayer arena or the other. I hope they pray Nigeria out of backwardness!


  1. The ones who always stay on their lane: This set of people usually have a very small circle of friends with whom they are seen almost everywhere and every time. They don’t really talk to everybody around as they simply mind their business and rarely have time for anyone not in their clique. Sometimes they come across to people as proud and egotistic. But calling them proud because they mind their business is, in my opinion, a wrong thing to do. They are simply living their lives like every other person but just with fewer friends than usual.


  1. The fair-weather ones: It has always been irritating from time immemorial for people to show up only when everything seems cool and nice. When you have daring challenges on your path they all flee. They are in every university and you might have come across any or some of them in your school. I’ll only advise you to be very careful.


  1. The home-innocent ones: This kind of people are innocent and righteous at home but are something else entirely in school. At home, they are calm, decent and comely but in school they are wild and very indecent. The sad thing about them is that they are usually carried away by the new life they have in school.


  1. The slayers:  These ones are the most commonly seen in our Nigerian campuses today. They dress really well to kill. They can do everything humanly possible to keep up with their good looks at all times. Their looks is everything to them. The slayers usually keep track of every clothings, accessories and other flashy things which could complement their looks. If you want to know what’s new in the market go and meet a slayer!


  1. The drug-based ones:  This set of students live their lives around drug usage. They can rarely do a thing without drugs. They live on drugs and often times turn to drug dealers in school. You can only understand this when you have come across them.


  1. The punters / gamblers: When you talk of gambling, there is no school in Nigeria that doesn’t have a considerable share of it. They are simply everywhere but you just might not know until you dig deep. The punters are a set of people who always bet or gamble. The number of punters is rapidly increasing with the siting of sports betting shops almost everywhere around campuses and students’ areas..


  1. The party rockers: This set of people are always seen at every party on and off campus. They are the life of the party. They may not always come to class o, but once they hear that a party is being hosted somewhere in school they would be the first set of people to arrive there.


Like I earlier noted, the different kinds of people you meet often in school depends on the kind of person you are, the kind of things you do, the kind of places you go and the kind of companies you keep. Everyone is driven by one thing or the other in life. In the same vein, the people in this piece are individually driven by their goals or beliefs or ideologies which makes them act that way.

Therefore, please do not criticise anyone in this list because you don’t do what they do or because they don’t do what you do.

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